Smart Pro Key Programmer Set Up Assembly by Advanced Diagnostics

Posted by Keyless Entry Remote on Sep 2nd 2020

Smart Pro Key Programmer Tool

Before you can do key programming, you need to set up your Smart Pro key programmer assembly by Advanced Diagnostics. These devices are incredibly useful and intuitive, so you should be able to set it up quickly.

Before Beginning Smart Pro Key Programmer Set Up Assembly

The Smart Pro key programmer begins in a durable case, which you can continue using to protect the device. The device also comes with a wide variety of cables, all of which are necessary to operate the machine, Smart Pro key programmer instructions, and a credit card USB with the manual.

The power cord and adapter should resemble what you’re used to. One of the cables is used to update the tablet via your computer. The others are used while you are programming the car keys. The most important item, though, is the credit card USB, which contains both the complete Smart Pro key programmer instruction manual and your registration information.

Charging Your Smart Pro Key Programmer

The essential first step with your new Smart Pro key programmer is charging the device. After attaching the power cable and power adapter, hook the Smart Pro key programmer to the cables. You should see lights on both the power adapter and the back of your Smart Pro key programmer. When charging is complete, the yellow light on the device will stop blinking.

Once you see the yellow light stop blinking, it’s time to turn on the Smart Pro key programmer for the first time and follow the registration instructions. Once your Smart Pro key programmer is on, it will ask you for the passcode printed on your credit card USB.

Device Registration via Wi-Fi

After the passcode screen, tap start to begin your Smart Pro key programmer registration. The first step in these instructions is selecting a language and what method you would like to complete registration. Tap Wi-Fi for these instructions.

Select a Wi-Fi network and enter the password if necessary. The device will then prompt you for a time zone. The next step in your Smart Pro key programmer set up is reading through the terms and conditions. You will need to check at least the top box at the end of the conditions to continue.

The device will then request you fill out a new user profile. In addition to your profile information, you will need a username and password. Once you fill out the fields, tap the next button, and your registration is complete.

Device Registration via Computer

After entering the passcode on your Smart Pro key programmer, select the connect to PC button for these instructions. The machine will then prompt you to plug in the Advanced Diagnostics loader cable with the USB end in your computer. You will need the Advance Diagnostics loader program on your computer, which you can get from Open the program, and select Smart Pro.

The screen will ask you for the passcode on your credit card USB again. It will then ask you for the information to create a profile, including your name, username, and password. Then press submit, and your Smart Pro key programmer set up is complete.

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