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Chevrolet HYQ1512S OEM 2 Button Key Fob

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Dealer price: $159.95
(You save $109.29 )
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CR2016 (sold separately)
Keyless Entry Remote Car Key Fob
2 Button


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Chevrolet HYQ1512S OEM 2 Button Key Fob

Dealer price: $159.95
(You save $109.29 )

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This is a Factory OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Chevrolet 2 Button keyless entry remote, aka "key fob".

Genuine OEM electronics in a new aftermarket case.


  • 1998-2002 Chevrolet Prizm

Note: Please read all instructions before beginning the procedure. 

Up to 4 remotes may be programmed to your vehicles system.

1. Begin with Drivers Door Open.

2. Insert and Remove Key from Ignition---Within 40 seconds-push door lock switch located on drivers door, from lock to unlock, 5 times at 1 second intervals.

3. Close and Open Drivers Door---Within 40 seconds-push door lock switch located in drivers door, from lock to unlock, 5 times at 1 second intervals.

5. Insert key into ignition---Switch ignition ON & OFF 1 time to program a remote code whilst retaining the original codes -or- 2 times to program a remote code whilst erasing original codes -or- 3 times to check how many remotes are currently registered.

7. Remove key from ignition-system should now lock and unlock.

8. Press and hold lock or unlock button on remote for 2 seconds-system should now lock and unlock.

10. Close and open drivers door.

11. Press and hold lock or unlock button again on remote for 2 seconds.

12. System should now lock and unlock (one time to confirm successful programming, two times to signal programming failed).

13. Repeat button procedure to program remaining remotes.

14. To exit programming close drivers door.

We are proud to offer true OEM key fobs direct to you at up to 80% off dealer prices. There is a catch though, so here it goes:

You need to know the only way to get a NEW OEM key fob is to go to a dealer or authorized reseller of OEM parts, and you will pay dealer prices if you do this and spend hundreds of dollars.

The key fob you are going to purchase from us is used or as we like to say "previously loved". We recycle OEM key fobs and put them through a rigorous refurbishing process so we can guarantee our products and offer them at a reasonable price along with saving the environment. Oh, and we are not robbing you of your hard earned dollars like the stealership does. So if you are good with all of this what are you waiting for? Make your life easier, order a key fob from us and save the world!

HYQ1512S CHEVY GEO PRIZM Factory OEM KEY FOB Keyless Entry Car Remote Alarm
CANADA: 1551102386

2002 Chevrolet Prizm 2001 Chevrolet Prizm 2000 Chevrolet Prizm 1999 Chevrolet Prizm 1998 Chevrolet Prizm
Please read the following steps before purchase:

Step 1: If you have a current remote, look on the back side of the remote for a part number and FCC ID number. If these numbers match what the remote you are purchasing then the remote will work with your vehicle. Some keyless entry remotes have these numbers on the inside of the remotes, so you will need to take the key fob apart. If you are unable to find the part number and FCC ID number then try giving your local dealership a call, ask for service, then ask them for your key fob part number. They will ask you for your vin # so have that handy. They should give them to you via fax, email, or have you pick them up.

Step 2: You will need to program your remote to your vehicle. The steps to program the key fob to your vehicle can be very simple, however some remotes will require a dealer or locksmith to program them to your vehicle. They will charge you for this, so be prepared to spend extra money for programming. You can find many vehicles programming instructions online at programyourremote. If you do not see your vehicle's key fob programming instructions there then give your local dealership a call, ask for service, then ask them for the key fob programming instructions for your vehicle. They will probably ask you for your vin number, so have that handy. Ask them if the key fobs are self programmable or do you have to have to have a machine to program it to your vehicle, this will let you know if you can program the key fob yourself or if you will have to pay the dealership or a locksmith to program the key fob to your vehicle.

Step 3: Please note that the keyless entry remotes we sell are used. We do our best to show you the condition of the remote, however they are used and could have some wear and tear on them. For example, some of the buttons might have wear or not show the picture of a lock or unlock. The remotes are tested and are 100% working. We have a 100% money back guarantee, if for any reason you need to return the item we will issue you a full refund (less return shipping). Please also note that we do not guarantee the battery life of the remote. Some remotes will come with working batteries and some will come with non-working or no batteries at all. If there is a metal key on the remote, the metal key will already be cut and will need to be replaced. You are purchasing the remote portion of the key fob in this case. Programming these fobs can be very simple. I have found that has many instructions. If you need help with programming just let us know and we can send you instructions. Please also note, some of the remotes, especially newer model vehicles, do require you to still go to the dealership for programming. If you have a newer model vehicle please consult your dealer for full programming instructions before you buy.

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