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Futura Auto | Clamping Standard / EC Keys - Part 5

Futura Auto

Part 5: Clamping Standard or EC Keys
  • 01VA clamp (Used for standard edge cut keys)
    • Installing the 01VA clamp
      • Align the dovetails on the bottom of the clamp with the dovetails on the platform.
      • Slide into position and lock in place with the allen screw on the right side.
    • 01VA clamp has four jaw positions, A, B, C and D
      • To rotate the jaw position, press down on the top of the jaw and rotate to the desired position, it will snap into place.
      • When using the copy vehicle keys function the software will tell which position to use.
      • A is used for a single sided key
      • C or D Asymmetrical two sided key
      • When code cutting the Futura Auto software will inform you what position to use. To decode a key you must use the clamp and position designated by the software.
  • When loading a key into the jaw, the key must be gauged properly
    • Keys that have shoulders are gauged with the shoulder stop, position zero, against the shoulder of the key.
      • To load the key, slide the key on the milling groove and loosely clamp it.
      • Flip up the shoulder stop and put the key shoulder against the stop, clamping into place.
    • Keys that do not have shoulders are gauged using the tip of the key
      • There are four tip stop positions on the clamp
      • Insert the tip stop tool to into the position for the key being cut.
      • Slide the key on the jaw, all the way against the tip stop, lock into place and remove tip stop tool.

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