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Futura Auto | Cutting Track Keys - Part 9

Futura Auto

Part 9: Cutting Track Keys
  • From the home screen, select search then vehicle keys
    • Select vehicle make and start to type in make, on the right select the vehicle make.
    • Type in the model and select the model on the right.
    • Select the model year
    • You will see a screen that shows the code series for that vehicle
      • Taping the green card button you will see the technical details related to this cutting card, including; depth measurements, spacing measurements, cutting angle and blank dimension.
      • To cut the key by indirect code, select code on the right side, enter the code and search for that code.
        • You will see the cuts for that specific code, select ok.
        • You will see a graphic of what the cut key will look like, along with the key cuts.
        • To cut the key, select cut in the bottom right corner.
        • Information regarding what clamp and cutter needed is shown.
        • Setup the Futura Auto with the clamp and cutter.
        • On the bottom left, set the cutting speed to 80 or 90, this will extend the life of your cutter.
        • Load the key into the jaw, making sure not to go past the backside of the jaw
        • Lower the safety shield and select start on the tablet.

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