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Futura Auto | Decoding Standard / EC Keys - Part 7

Futura Auto

Part 7: Decoding Standard or EC Keys
  • To decode a key using the Futura Auto you need to select the card.
    • If you saved the card to your favorites you can access it favorites.
    • To search for the card
      • From the home screen, select search then vehicle keys
      • Select vehicle make and start to type in make, on the right select the vehicle make.
      • Type in the model and select the model on the right.
      • Select the model year
      • Select the green card button
    • Once you have selected the card, tap decode on the right side
    • Install the clamp and rotate to the needed side.
      • When decoding you have to use the clamp designated by the machine.
    • Insert the key you wish to decode, for directions on how to load the key onto the clamp see video 5
    • Lower the mobile tracer (small red knob above the clamp station)
      • Twist the knob to unlock it
      • Guide it over to the left and lower into place
      • Twist the knob locking it into place
    • Lower the safety shield
    • Select start
    • The tracer will measure the depth of each cut and display the cuts and indirect code.
    • Move tracer back to starting position
    • To cut a key from the decoding
      • Insert blank key
      • Select cut, followed by start

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