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Futura Auto | Introduction - Part 1

Futura Auto

Part 1 - Introduction
  • You will find the Futura Auto quick start guide located behind the shield, it is printed on red paper. Read and follow each step.
  • The tablet stand can be placed next to or on top of the machine.
    • To install stand, loosen the red knob on top of the machine and install stand, tighten knob.
    • Slide the tablet into the stand and adjust viewing angle by loosing knob on the back.
  • The safety shield ensures operator safety; it must be in the down position to operate the Futura Auto.
  • Emergency stop button is located on the right side of the machine.
    • Push in the button to immediately stop the Futura Auto.
    • Rotate the button clockwise to restore power.
  • A single cutting station is used for cutting both edge and track cut keys.
  • The Futura Auto comes with two clamps
    • The 01VA is for standard edge cut keys and comes installed on the machine.
    • The 01RA is for track cut keys
  • The Futura Auto comes with four different cutters
    • 01L is used to cut the majority of laser track keys
    • 02LW is used on Chrysler Fiat vehicles
    • 06LW is used for Toyota Lexis 80,000 code series
    • 12L is used for cutting all edge cut keys
  • Calibration of the machine is done with the 060 tracer
  • Remove the metal rod from the cutter spinel with the t-handled allen wrench before using the machine for the first time
  • The safety shield and base holds all of the shavings generated from key cutting.
    • To clean, use the brush provided to brush the shavings into the slots, remove the tray to discard the shavings.
  • On the back of the Futura Auto you will find an Ethernet port, power port and two USB ports.
    • The top USB port is for charging the tablet
    • The bottom USB port is for tethering the tablet or importing data from a USB stick.

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