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Futura Auto | Navigating Silca Software - Part 4

Futura Auto

Part 4: Navigating the Silca Software
  • On the Futura Auto tablet, tapping the home icon at the top of the screen will return you to the home screen.
  • Review the software operating guide to become familiar with all the functions of the software.
  • To get started, from the home screen select search, you will see vehicle keys and transponder guide.
    • Vehicle keys is used to search for standard edge and laser cut vehicle keys.
      • You can search by make, model, year, key blank, indirect code, card, etc.
      • Use this search method to decode a working key or originate a key by indirect code.
    • Transponder guide contains all of the transponder key copying solutions provided
  • To make a copy from a working key
    • From the home screen select copy vehicle keys
    • Search using make, model and year
    • Once selection is made the Futura Auto will read the original key and cut a duplicate key.
  • Favorites, located on the home screen, is were you can save code series that you use frequently.
  • Queue of jobs, located on the home screen, is used to run a job queue that was previously created from the search menu or a job that was downloaded from Create a Key or InstaCode
  • Options, located on the home screen, is used to set up the Futura Auto and perform maintenance functions.
    • Info shows specs about the Futura Auto and software. It will also tell you how many keys have been cut on the machine.
    • Calibration section is used to calibrate the clamps, tracer and adapters.
    • Settings is used for zero point calibration of the stepper motors, the options we setup in video 3, network setting, registration and import hooks position file, which allows you to import a file showing where keys are located on your key board.
    • Maintenance is used to test different functions of the Futura Auto for maintenance purposes.
    • Upgrades is used in updating the Futura Auto software.
    • Back up and restore is used to create a backup of a user database and restore the last saved file in a USB key.
    • User series can be used to import a code table and associate it to a data card.

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